GRS Community Terms


If you register for a workshop and must cancel please email as soon as you can.  If cancelled at least 72 hours before the scheduled workshop, we will gladly refund you for the cost of the workshop.  Otherwise, no refunds will be given unless GRS needs to cancel class. GRS (and teachers) reserve the right to cancel any workshop if the predetermined minimum number of guests isn’t reached on a class by class basis, decided at least 48 hours before the scheduled time of workshop and notification will be distributed according to your preferred method of contact. 

We are unable to offer refunds, credits, class transfers with less than 72 hours advance notice.

This applies to workshops, classes and events that requires pre-registration unless otherwise noted.  

Hourly rental and teacher (contracted under a collaborative pay rate) agreements and policies are expressed in a separate document specific to the usage details/teacher contract that is issued and signed between GRS and host. 


GRS workshops are procured, planned, marketed and executed by GRS owner and teacher which requires a great deal of planning.  We base this work on reaching a certain number of students. Your time and our time is valuable. GRS is a small business that works with and for the community, when students cancel, request a refund or transfer at the last minute, both parties lose money and momentum.  GRS can’t absorb these costs so we suggest you find a friend to fill your spot. We appreciate your understanding and please reach out with any questions you may have.


Registering for any GRS workshop, class or event implies permission to use photos in social media, GRS website and instructors’ page.  We want guests to get the most out of their time at GRS, so instead of taking time out of class, please email us at if you do not consent to the use of any images that display your face (front or profile) before the class.  The editing of photos is within the control of GRS and associates. 


Classes generally require a minimum number of students to execute the class which will be listed in the description.  The number will be determined by GRS and teacher along with a maximum number of students. If a class doesn’t meet the required number, a refund will be issued along with an email alerting you of a new date, if applicable, at least 48 hours before the class date/time.  

We understand that registering for a class in advance may be challenging due to work, family, not knowing what the week will hold and also committing to the workshop knowing you may/may not be able to make it in the end.  Signing up sooner, increases the chances that the class will be a go and the other guests and teacher will thank you for it. Together we can make things happen so we encourage you to schedule this time for yourself and schedule everything else around it.  Time at GRS is a gift to yourself.   


All workshops and classes must be registered for and paid for in advance of the sessions unless otherwise noted. 


GRS is BYOB and bring your own food. Water and tea is always available at GRS and occasionally we will provide snacks and light refreshments.  There is a full kitchen with a microwave available for your use. Downtown Frederick is full of wonderful restaurants, breweries and places to grab yummy creativity fuel. We ask that you respect our space in regards to trash and disposing of your food properly. 


AT GRS we have many different workshops appropriate for those ages 13 plus. Anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult and deemed suitable by the student or the student’s guardian.  GRS is not able to make that decision for you and give a general age range, when able. We are happy to speak with you regarding a class before you make the decision to register your child.  


Depending on the class, we can be using paints, tools, hammers, wire, water, scissors, needles, wax or crayons just to name a few. Make a suitable decision on attire and footwear for yourself. If there is a special need for a certain item to wear/not wear, it will be clear and noted in the class description.

At GRS we do our best to refrain from using anything containing perfumes or chemicals but we are not a perfume and chemical free space.   Participants are welcome to keep this in mind for those that may have a sensitivity. 


By registering for any workshop, class, or event, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Give Rise Studio LLC, members, employees, contractors, volunteers, and any other people officially connected with the event from and against any and all claims for personal injuries or damages of any kind arising from your participation.


Registration and payment for events is evidence of your agreement to the terms and conditions listed above for attending events, workshops and classes at Give Rise Studio.  

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