Love Your Vessel, LLC

Martina Maya-Callen is the Founder and CEO of Love Your Vessel International, LLC. She is an internationally recognized advocate, activist, and educator working to spread awareness on social issues. Her sculpture and performance art piece, “The Hidden Secrets of Eating Disorders” was listed among the top 13 most inspiring body positive moments of 2017 by Cosmopolitan. 

Love Your Vessel International, LLC utilizes the transformative power of the creative arts through workshops and retreats that expose people to a variety of activities that promote empowerment and self-love such as art exhibitions, yoga, mediation, stained glass, glass blowing, paint nights, body empowerment photoshoots, and more.

The unifying factor of the multidisciplinary aspects of Love Your Vessel is to create a safe haven for people to start their journey of self-love in a protected environment and celebrate their bodies. Through the last five years, the Love Your Vessel social movement has made monumental leaps in community impact and engagement presented in classrooms and stages discussing eating disorders and self-esteem. Society and media have a crippling impact on how young women grow up and perceive themselves, Love Your Vessel works to combat that through promoting body positivity in multiple different funnels to promote the widespread message. With a primary focus in the DMV area, the educational workshops and activities have the power to ignite change within our communities.

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