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Creative Community Members

Creative Community Members are entrepreneurs and practitioners looking for a unique space for events, meetings and workshops to inspire creativity, health and joy.  The monthly membership rates are set to help support you in growing your business and provide accessible offerings.  Members are offering more in the community than just at the Studio, so you will be directed to their websites.
If you are interested in becoming a Community Member, see below.

Here are the wonderful members that host regular offerings in art, yoga, rest, photography, music and more at Give Rise Studio. 

Creative Community Membership

  • Membership for creative rental members.
    Available after contract is signed.

  • 3, 6 or 12 hour/week of private studio time to be scheduled in advance.  Hourly rental rate starts as low as $12/hour.  

  • Discount on hourly rentals outside of regularly scheduled time.

  • Events, services and workshops will be on studio schedule, facebook, highlighted on website.

  • 70/30 split for collaborative workshops and classes (standard is 50/50 after you retain materials). 

  • Co-working access once per month for 4 hours, networking events and business focused workshops.

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