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With a mix of colorful & fun beads, this kit is nice and wonderfully simple. String the beads onto the memory wire and enjoy an easy on/off accessory. The memory wire is closed off on one side so all you need is a small pair of pliers to make a small loop after you’ve covered the entire wire with beads.

Depending on the person’s dexterity, this kit is suitable for ages 5 to 105! If the crafter is under the age of 7, we suggest supervision but you know best.

What you get ;

  • A how to video in an email after your purchase

  • Fun little kit container

  • Enough beads to cover the memory wire completely

  • 3 continuous rings of memory wire

What you will need;

  • Small round nose or chain nose pliers - LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED A PAIR

  • Something to work on - piece of fabric, clothing or a baking tray

Enjoy this project and let me know if you have any questions or need further guidance

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Kit

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