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Soulshine Aura Photography

Maggie Bromfield


Soulshine Aura is an analog film practice that specializes in capturing your unique and vibrant energy through the art of aura photography. We provide you with a visual affirmation of who you are so you can see yourself in a new light.

An aura is the colorful energy field that envelopes our bodies and is part of the essence of our being. It can be described as our “vibe” or the energy we project. Aura photography provides a reflection of that energy, mirroring your vibrations and translating them into colors.

Our aura colors have the ability to change, much like the ever-changing nature of our emotions, situations and life stories. By embracing a deeper understanding of your current auric state, we hope to ignite a profound self-awareness within you so you can move closer to where you feel you shine the most.

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