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Give Rise Studio supports creative & wellness practitioners in a unique and flourishing environment

When it comes to supporting small business owners that are creative and wellness focused, it's important to recognize that they need different types of support. Local organizations that work with retail businesses, can easily place them in a familiar box and offer resources to support their sales goals. When wellness and creativity focused businesses approach organizations, I've heard responses such as becoming a non-profit, offering free services, do some things for exposure or to work within an already established business as a "recreational" activity. Give Rise Studio supports art, craft and wellness businesses by offering low hourly rental rates and the ability to grow their business on their terms. Through these memberships, you can collaborate and work along with other entrepreneurs, tap into the Studio's network and followers, mitigate risk and create a path to sustainability, making a difference and finding success (whatever that means to you).

Here are a few highlights of the support we are discussing

  1. Flexible and regular scheduling: Creative and wellness teachers often have classes and workshops at varying times throughout the week, so they need support that is flexible and accommodating to their schedules. Most venues for workshops and classes have you designated as an employee of the space you are teaching in. At Give Rise Studio, you are renting the studio to conduct your offerings, either weekly, biweekly, monthly or whatever we can dream up independently.

  2. Marketing assistance: While retail businesses may benefit from traditional advertising, art and yoga teachers may benefit more from social media, B2B connections and word-of-mouth marketing. Providing marketing and administrative assistance tailored to their needs can be a huge help. During our co-working times, we get administrative tasks done as well as dream up collaborations.

  3. Community building: Art and yoga teachers often rely on building a community of loyal clients. Supporting them in creating and maintaining a strong community can be beneficial for their business. Collaboration with other practitioners can really bolster reach and sense of community. The Studio can give you independence, control and ability to grow a community that will follow you wherever you may be.

  4. Mindfulness and wellness resources: As wellness professionals, art and yoga teachers may benefit from resources that help them take care of their own health and wellbeing. Providing resources that promote mindfulness and self-care can be helpful for their business. At Give Rise Studio, our members collaborate and support each other directly or during our member co-working days.

  5. Business start up/continuing ed: Teachers can do everything related to their business including marketing, graphic design, admin, finances, taxes and more. Give Rise Studio is gathering contacts to offer workshops to members/business owners and the public.

  6. Space: Give Rise Studio is a beautiful and bright space that can match your vibe or provide a blank canvas to highlight your offering. Deeply discounted rental rates offers more to your community, accessible class pricing, a safe space to take risks and shared props, tables and chairs.

One of those dreams is to see members grow in and even out of the Studio. That's Sew Hillary just opened up their very own space continuing their journey to inspire creativity, health and joy. We are proving that creative and wellness entrepreneurs are deserving of recognition, support and financial success while making a positive impact on our community. Give Rise Studio has goals and dreams, as well. Together, we can flourish. 125 South Carroll Street, 101Frederick MD 21701

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