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Rya Rug Revival workshop revives our creativity

A few of us in this workshop confessed that during the pandemic, creativity took a dive. This workshop was exactly what we needed to reintroduce us to our creativity. Creativity is always there when we need it. For Rebecca, our guide, creativity came alive during this time and we are grateful for it. She shared that her family home inspired her aesthetic in many designs, specifically a rug in their house. Through research, curiosity and passion, rya rugs revealed itself and she has connected us to techniques, free form, resources and Byrdcall Studio in Woodbine, MD to get all our rya goodies. We are HOOKED!

The day - August 14th. Early afternoon We listened to music with slower beats to create a colorful and meditative atmosphere. Rebecca Hargreaves of Hargreaves Studio was our guide gifting us color, texture and A LOT of sensory magic. There was silence, laughter, story sharing and meaning making.

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