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Enjoy them on paper, stationary, greeting cards, canvas and if you get fabric paint you can design textiles ; napkins, tablecloth, clothing etc. Personalize your business or family stationary and gifts.

What you get ;

A how to video in an email after purchase

1 handmade wooden stamp bases

A brush

Black acrylic paint

4 sticky backed foam squares to create shapes and designs (they can be scraped off and replaced)

What you will need;

Basic painting precautions to protect surfaces and the crafter

Grab other paint, decorations and brushes to add a special flare

The stamp works with most paints.


TRY FABRIC PAINT or FABRIC SCREEN PRINTING PAINT for handmade napkins, table clothes or clothing!


Enjoy this project and let me know if you have any questions or need further guidance

Stamp Making Kit

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